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Mother. Businesswoman.
Education Advocate. 


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Mother. Businesswoman. Education Advocate.


“I'm running to represent the voters in the Ashland District, which includes the Town of Ashland (aka The Center of the Universe), and to equally represent the voters in the Cool Spring West area, the Atlee & Honey Meadows area, Kings Charter & Totopotomoy, the Kersey Creek area, and the Sliding Hill area. I am also mindful that as supervisor, I will be serving all of Hanover County's residents. It is time for a Fresh Start in the Ashland District!”

Yael Levin grew up in Israel, where she served in the Israel Defense Forces, and has spent much of her adult life serving her community in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As a businesswoman, Yael spent her career in Insurance, specializing in data analysis, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance. More recently, Yael found her passion in advocating for children across Virginia. Yael lives in the Atlee area of the Ashland District with her husband and two sons, who attend Atlee High School.

In 2020, Yael grew increasingly disappointed by the attack on parents and children by special interest groups. She felt compelled to act and jumped into advocating for students and parents who felt their rights and values were under attack. In early 2021 her advocacy led her to join the parent-led nonprofit No Left Turn in Education.

As an executive with No Left Turn in Education, Yael led the charge to reinstate parental rights in Virginia. She fought to reopen our schools, unmask our kids, and keep radical politicized curriculum out of Virginia’s classrooms. Yael is a fighter, not a quitter. She advocates for parental rights, children’s rights, and educational freedom that puts the kids and parents first, not special interests.

Yael is a devoted wife and loving mother of two active teenage boys. She has personally seen and felt the damage done to our children in the last several years. Like you, she wants to be involved in her children’s education. Yael isn’t interested in dictating lesson plans to teachers - her mother was a teacher, and she values our hardworking teachers. She wants to restore the partnership that parents and teachers used to have. 

Yael sees the abysmal outcomes of years of spending money on all the wrong things in education – the recent Nation’s Report Card scores show that Virginia had the sharpest decline in reading and math scores in the nation. The solutions are within reach. We can close the achievement gap. We can provide children with special needs the resources they need to thrive. We can give every child in Hanover what they need to succeed. Yael knows where to spend and where to cut spending to make that happen.

Yael entered this race to continue her fight for the residents of Hanover County. She believes that the most impactful change happens at the local level. That is why she wants to serve her community in the Ashland District. 



Advocating for Educational Freedom

Yael is a mother, first and foremost. She understands that parents belong at the helm of their children’s education. Yael believes that our schools should be providing our children with the knowledge, tools, and skills to pursue solutions to problems and create innovations.

Yael also believes that we must ensure the dignity, privacy, and safety of all students and teachers, and to accomplish that, we must protect girls’ sports and set an example as adults of kindness and compassion for everyone. 

Having grown up overseas under a parliamentary system of government, Yael knows that while our society may not be perfect and there is always room for improvement, our system of governance is still the best in the world. That is why she is leading the charge against radical politicized teachings in our schools. Before and during her time as an executive with the parent-led nonprofit No Left Turn in Education, Yael was front-and-center in the fight to reopen schools, unmask our children, and provide improved educational practices such as growth assessments, education choice, and more individualized special education solutions. More recently, Yael represented parents on the Virginia Department of Education Biology Standards of Learning Cut-Scores review committee. 

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Prioritizing Public Safety 

As Supervisor, Yael will support Hanover County Sheriff's Office to ensure it receives full funding and excellent training to keep Hanover County safe. Yael is committed to ensuring that Hanover County remains the region’s model as the safest county for living, raising a family, and operating a business.

Yael believes that the key to excellent policing and positive police-community relations is investing in personnel, training, and equipment to keep our law enforcement officers safe. Our law enforcement officers and first responders deserve to come home to their families at the end of their shifts and deserve a community and a Board of Supervisors that have their backs.

Revitalizing Hanover's Economy

As a businesswoman, Yael is a leader with experience managing during difficult times. She knows times are tough. She has to fill up her gas tank just like you do. She must also feed two teenage boys who play sports while inflation keeps rising. Yael watches the rising interest rates with growing concern and knows that tomorrow’s economic outlook is uncertain. 

Yael worked three jobs to put herself through college and earn a degree in Mathematics and Economics. She knows how to cut wasteful spending and manage a tight budget. Yael will work to slash wasteful government spending and invest in educational, technical, and vocational career resources, leading to economic opportunities for her community in the Ashland District and Hanover County. 

As Supervisor, Yael will actively work with existing local businesses to recruit graduates directly from our high schools and community colleges so that the next generation can stay in the county to raise their families. Yael will also pursue new economic development opportunities for the Ashland District and Hanover County.

Investing in Hanover's Infrastructure 

Infrastructure is the foundation of communities everywhere. From internet access to road construction, infrastructure is on the mind of every Hanover County resident. Safer, less congested roads, better internet access, and sound, comprehensive planning will attract economic investment. Yael understands that while some development and growth are needed, the residents in the Ashland District and Hanover County want to preserve the unique rural-suburban character and balance of family farms and small & family-owned businesses that make the Ashland District and Hanover County such a unique place to live, work, and raise a family. As a supervisor, Yael will focus on smart and measured growth and fight for additional road and infrastructure improvements.

Be A Part Of The Change

Election Day is NOVEMBER 7TH

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